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Queen Me, Welcome,

1) I don't know what ship you're going on, but some ships do have self-laundry. You can always pay and have laundry sent out for regular laundry or dry cleaning. There will be bags in your closet with a price list and instructions for sending laundry out for cleaning.

2) Yes, the ship has large beach towels. Usually one per person are placed in your room. Some ships have gone to not placing them in the room and you check them out up by the pool. You can check them in and out everyday to get a clean one. Just make sure whatever you check out, the same number is checked back in or you will be charged for the towel. (Approx $22-$25).

3) Hair dryers are either in the vanity drawer or in the bathroom.

4) Most cabins are limited on their plugs. Usually there is one regular outlet for use by the vanity. The two new ships Allure and Oasis have extra plugs and have a dock for Ipods etc.

5) There are no alarm clocks in the cabin. There is a clock on the telephone in the cabin. You can also use the telephone to set a wake-up call.

6) Yes, there is a Doctor on board 24/7. They are opened set times during the day and on call at other times. There is a charge for services.

7) Flip flops and sandals, tennis shoes, regular shoes, all are worn on a cruise. No flip flops in the main dining room.

8) During the day people dress in what they feel comfortable. Around the pool bathing suits and cover ups. The rest of the ship - shorts, sundresses, jeans, casual clothes. At night you will see a wide variety of dress from resort casual, (dockers & polos, nice sundresses) to something you would wear to the office, church, or a wedding, up to formal. Again, it's how each individual feels comfortable dressing. You should read the dress code found on line for the cruise line you are sailing.

9) Don't over pack. Mix and match clothes. You don't need a different pair of shoes for every outfit. Take half of what you think you will need. Space is limited for drawers and closets. You can store luggage under the bed. I always try to go as light as possible. I fit everything I need in one roll bag and an extra tote for my bathroom necessities. Shampoo, shower gel, and soap, will be in the bathroom.
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