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Wow! Great number of questions. Welcome to Cruise Chat, where there are NO silly or dumb questions. Never hurts to ask. I can only speak for Royal Caribbean, as they are the only ships I've cruised upon. None of them have self service laundry. There IS an on-board laundry service that is very reasonably priced (more than on shore, but still not too bad.) Do NOT over pack! You're going on vacation for a week or less-think ahead. For guys like me, kahkis for dinner in dining room (shorts are not wanted there, nor flip flops), shorts (2) and five or six shirts, gym shoes and flip flops, maybe one pair dress shoes(I wear clean gym shoes all the time), pool wear, hats (sun is harsh in the caribbean), maybe water shoes, etc. On most 7 days trips, they will have two "formal" nights, where you CAN, if you wish, dress up for dinner (Not Required). Over packing, I would say, is the "newby" biggest mistake. Our first cruise, the wife packed the house, and barely got through 1/4 of it. Towels (both bathroom and possibly beach) will be in your cabin, along with small travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner and skin cream, hair dryer (being bald, turtle wax and a buffing cloth for me) and several US type 110 electrical plugs. I've been told that with an inside cabin, at night, they are "severe dark"; maybe a small night light would be a good idea. No actual clocks, but the phones have a clock in them, and wake up calls are easy to set up and receive. There will be pleanty of storage areas, a TV, phone, Wi-Fi for a charge on SOME ships in the cabin, but more than likely a few "hot spots" around the ship. During the day, dress depends on where you are. Pool deck is pool attire or shorts, amusement park clothing is a good way to describe clothing inside or pool deck. Once you give the stewards your bags upon arrival at the ship, ou probably won't se them till around or after dinner. Carry-on a small bag with any medications you may need, and any other short term essentials. First night dinner is very forgiving of dress, since many may not get theri bags until after dinner. That's enough for now-have a great time! You WILL be hooked!!

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