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I would not judge all cruising by this ship. I am curious why you choose this cruise for your first cruise. Was it an offer you received in the mail? Many people receive that offer tied with a time share pitch. I wish you had used a travel agent who could have explained what this ship and cruise experience is like compared to the mega ships. Again, I'm not trying to sound negative. This ship might be ok for an experienced cruiser just to have a 2-day getaway. However; in my opinion, a 2-night cruise on this ship is not a good judge for a first time cruiser. There are ships sailing the sea that are 4x the size of this one. You wouldn't even know you were on a ship. You would think you were staying at a land resort they are so huge and have so much to offer in dining, shopping, bars/lounges, and entertainment. Two ships are so large they even have ziplining and merry-go-rounds on them. I would hate to see you be negative against ever cruising again if you don't enjoy this ship. The thing to do is talk with a travel agent and book another longer cruise on a major cruise line so you can really compare.
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