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Hi Dave, thanks for the response. Yes, we are on the Majesty of the Seas. When I mentioned touristy shopping, it was because a friend suggested I skip all the excursions and just shop in Nassau. But I can't imagine spending any length of time shopping for souvenirs.

Have you been to Atlantis? Would you recommend spending the day there?

I'm having trouble imagining what we'll do both on the ship and in the ports of call to tell the truth. I don't drink and my daughter is underage, so that leaves out lounge and bar type things and whatever entertainment they offer. My daughter is too old for the teen activity or club or whatever they call it aboard ship. It seems there are shows and ? during the hours we are sailing, others have talked about "so much to do" but when I read the descriptions on the RC website it sounds like shops, dining venues, and lounges on board...and the pool of course if it's warm, or the water is heated.

I'm sure we'll have fun however it goes. I recently lost my husband/she her father, and we are basically running away from home for Christmas :-)

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