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Cool New Orleans
Turns out that a close friend of mine went on this same cruise; the first one since Navigator's arrival back from Spain. It was also her FIRST time ever on a cruise ship!! She totally LOVED the cruise, cruise ship, food, and ports. However, she stated that the port is still under construction, and the "cattle call" way that the passangers were subjected to was very similiar to the feelings that my wife and I got back in March. I'm not too sure what the other problems are down there besides the construction, since to ME, it did not look like there was any construction INSIDE the terminal; more like the drive-up area and the roads leading into and out of the terminal area. I'm hoping I'm wrong, and that they are trying to speed up the process for getting passangers into the terminal and up to the desk area to get your seapass cards, because the security area is WAY too small and cramped and SLOW; or I should say it was in March this year. I know I may be starting to sound like a broken record since I also wasn't pleased with Miami when we last sailed from there on Liberty, but I almost feel like I was correct since RCL basically left that port.

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