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Talking Questions
Hi, and welcome to cruise chat. Congratulations on your upcoming cruise-as we say here, you will be hooked. Other than that which you have said before for added costs, there are a few other things that can/will cost extra; any photographs that THEY take of you; you MAY, or MAY NOT buy them-your choise. They are featured in the ships photo studio for you to look at and choose if you like. The "Pop-Stamp"; this is, in MY opinion, a bad deal. Unless you drink TONS of soda, do not buy the cooler cup or drink stamp. A can of soda can be bought from ANY bar area on the ship, OR your stateroom fridge, for about $2.50 a drink, and if at the bar, ask for a glass of ice (no charge). Bottled water is extra also, as are the speciality dining options (Chpos or Portifinos). Obviously booze is extra. I learned before that is you oder a glass of wine in the dining room, expect to pay upwards of $15 a glass. There are wine packages which can be purchased on board or before- they will uncork and store the bottle for you. I would say that MOST of the things on the ship are going to be free, or included in the cruise costs; if you have a question on board of a cost, just ask. They have no problems with that. The Sea Pass card is, on board the ship, and at SOME venues in Falmouth, Ja., your credit card for the cruise. It is the only thing you need upon the ship, and you can check your spending in your cabin on the television. Quite up to date and time daily. Prior to getting on the ship, they will ask you how you want to pay for your onboard expenses, cash or credit card. I have used my bank debit card also, as it works as a credit/debit card. If you want to use cash, they will allow you to spend up to $500, and then will ask you to go to the customer service desk to add cash to your account. The ship store sells a plastic lanyard type thing to put your sea pass card in to keep it safe. This card gets you off, and back on the ship at the ports, so try not to loose it. If you do, immediately go the desk. I have been to all three ports you are going to, and not ONCE have I had to show my official passport to return to the ship, but you WILL need your sea pass card. Hope I answered some of your questions. Have a Great Cruise!!

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