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Teagan, This sounds like a great family event. This is the ship my daughter and son in law work. She is a dancer. Lots of cruise chat friends have met her. She is not currently on board as she is working on creating the new Carnival 2.0 shows but will be back by Dec 21. If you are sailing between then and the end of Feb you may see her dance. She is usually very busy but you might impress some of your family by pointing our the dancer from NH and saying you have chated with her Dad. If you see her on board you can send her my regards (she knows my handle) and perhaps you and your family can get some insight to cruising that you might enjoy. My wife and I will be onboard for Jan 27 sailing. Send me a private message if this is your cruise and we can arrange something special.

Good luck with your little one. If he (she) gets fussy the flashing light and bells of the Casino might be interesting to a baby.

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