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I discussed this program with my favorite bartender on Liberty Of The Seas. The first cruise he was at the pool bar, but on the second week he had moved to the evening diamond lounge so I had more time to chat with him. He doesn't like it at all and predicted lots of the more talented bartenders will look elsewhere for jobs, since the package cuts into the extra tips they look forward to getting.

I'll tell you, I do drink more than I probably should when cruising and I will give give cash in addition to the normal 15% tip. I've never seen someone with the soda stamp drop some tip money on the bar and I'd think the same will happen with those buying the booze package.

For us, this would be $885.50 for a 7 night cruise, since the actual daily cost is $63.25 and we'd both have to buy it. Now, like I said, I like my drinks on a cruise, but I still don't come close to that figure.

Some think this will add to the problem of drunks but I don't think so. Those who want to drink too much will do it anyway, package or no package.
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