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Default New to your boards...
My husband and I have never been on a cruise and truthfully, we have no idea where to even start. There are sooooo many websites out there, that its easy to feel completely overwhelmed.
We are basically looking for relaxation, great food, some gambling and a beautiful environment. We will probably go on a few shore excursions but we're not looking to go all the time, lol. My husband is 57 and I will be 50 sooner than I'd like
We live in NC, so a carribean cruise is what we are looking at but we have no idea which islands we should go to. We are neither heavy drinkers or big partiers anymore and since we have rarely ever been able to go on vacations due to work and finances, we are willing to pay a little bit more.
If anyone could recommend a cruise line or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it! Oh...I don't know how important this is but my hubby is 6'3" tall, so some room in a shower might be a good thing, .
I look forward to your replies!!!
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