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Default Parking at Port Liberty, NJ
My wife and I tried to save about $5/day by parking offsite at Premier Parking instead of at the Royal Caribbean parking lot. What a mistake! They had only 3 vans shuttling back and forth from their lot to the cruise terminal, which was nowhere near enough to handle the sudden barrage of cruisers needing the van shuttle service. As a result, we waited in line at the Premier parking lot for 1 hour until we were taken to the cruise terminal. Pick up at the cruise terminal to return to the parking lot was even worse! We waited outside in the cold for 3 hours until we could board the van. There was no orderly process at the terminal - it was everyone for himself. Fist fights almost broke out. We were lucky that it was not raining or snowing. Premier Parking tried to blame Royal Caribbean for setting up lousy traffic patterns at the terminal, which was a valid complaint. But most of the blame lies with Premier Parking for not being equipped to handle the barrage of customers.
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