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Default Freedom of the Seas review
This is a little late. Our cruise was from Dec 2-9th. Boarding was a breeze. No real issues, except someone forgot to print out "boarding pass". .ME!! We got the Grand Suite, and will never get a lower cabin. GS is amazing!! Only issue is the tub wall (not sure technical term for that is) is high, or I am really short. Other than that I loved it. GS is somewhat similar to JS. Major differences is GS you have full bath, with 2 sinks. Both have balconies, balcony is bigger. Room area where bed and sofa are I thought were the same size, but GS has an extra room. Two huge closets, and a breakfest/bar area. Oh ya we get treats almost every night. And we have access to the concierge lounge. GS has a DVD player, and you can rent DVD's in CL.

First couple days water was really rough. Almost impossible to walk in a straight line.

Our first night we attended the mystery dinner. We did that on our last cruise and was exact same show. But was fun. One couple we sat with purchased the Platinum card. Gentleman stated it was $55 a day, Not sure if you can get it by the day. He ended up purching it for just himself and not his wife. He would go to closest bar and get a drink for his wife than go to another bar and get one for himself. He stated there was no issue, but was only first night. Need to look into this option. Does this include soda package and drinks in fridge in room??

Well our first stop was Coco Cay. I wake up go on balcony and what do I see? Disney Dream, and another cruise ship. We were in Nassua. The Captain stated a women got seriously ill. She needed to be flown back to the states, and RCCL can not transport anyone from Coco Cay. But was really nice to know that they go out of their way to help people on ship.

At one of the ports St Maartin or St Thomas we signed up for the glass bottom boat excursion. That was canceled because of water conditions. And we left the port about 1 hour late, because there was another injury. Captain was waiting for an ambulance. Again did not bother me. Just happy they did what they did to help guest. (Although guest's were not to thrilled that they missed majority of cruise).

We did get soda packages. RCCL now has the machines that have like 100 different soda options..Atleast FOTS has it. They also have the "regular/older" machines that offer 5 or so soda options. All machines have that sensor reader on them. You have the RCCL anchor on bottom of mug. You need to line it up the right way. On the newer machine you are can only get one soda every 5 minutes. They don't want you to get a soda for someone else than go back and get yourself one.

We did not do mini golf, rock climbing wall, Flow rider or ice skating. Would of loved to do all but Flow rider..Maybe next time (said that last time).

Majority of our dinners were at Chops Grille. Except for Mystery dinner was at Portifino. We ordered Filet Mignon. None of us at table could finish our meal. (6 people at table..3 men).

If I forgot anything let me know.

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