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San Juan Motels - old San Juan has the lovely Sheraton Old San Juan directly across the street from one of the Piers - you can literally walk out front door of hotel and get in line to board ship. If you are at the other pier ( # 4 - I think it is can't remember - number - but it is named Pan American, then you need to take a cab to that Pier if you decide to stay at the Sheraton Old San Juan (there is a bus but it stops a couple of blocks from the pier). If you stay at the Old San Juan Sheraton, then you are in the middle of everything. You can shop until you drop in Old Town, walk up to the fort, check out Coach, Mexx, all the normal stores and also all the touristy shops. There is a major chain drug store across from the pier, everything like back home in one of the 50 States. We arrived in San Juan a few days earlier, we stayed at the Hampton Inn near airport, very modern spot, free breakfast, internet, etc. rented a car and navigated; went to the beach which was a block and a half from hotel, hit the casino across from the our Hampton Inn In Isla Verdes, walked on the main drag of Isla Verdes, had a myriad of restaurants (Chilies, etc. to choose from). Hey, we were sticking to American and not getting sick prior to the cruise) LOL. Went shopping at the Los America Mall (rivals any mall in FLA) and had a blast only to return to San Juan a couple of days later because our cruise ship ran out of steam - LOL
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