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Originally Posted by peter l View Post
I don't think its appropriate to show up at any of the restaurants dressed that way; even if they were at the pool. Get something at the pool side bar or food area or dress appropriately for the area. Thats just the way some of us were brought up.

Quite honestly I see people dressed in bathing suits all the time at the buffet with just a shirt thrown on or a cover up to gain entrance, so whats so bad about a robe? It actually covers up more than a shirt if that's a concern. Not that I would wear one but I'm beginning to think it's just the thought of a person having underwear underneath or possibly nothing that's upsetting.
We were on a Princess cruise a while back when people were going to the DR with their bathing suits on for lunch and the only thing they made them do is leave their towels at the door so not have them be visible at the table.
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