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Default I got ripped off too.
We purchased some gold and diamond earrings from the store and found out they were 1/3 the carat amount that was specified and presented. The salesman told us the earrings were on closeout and told my wife they were .85 carats. Later he stated they were .75 and retail worth of app. $1800. We received a reciept stating they were .75 but the certified appraisal said they were .25 when we checked later. I contacted them and they said that the diamonds were .25. We can get .25 earrings of the same quality at about 1/3 of the price we paid. We purchased them since they were presented as such a great deal and the reputation of the store. I would not ever purchase from them again since I can no longer trust what they present to you versus what they actually sell. I'm very very disappointed and feel ripped off.
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