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Talking San Juan
We have never sailed FROM San Juan, but it was a port of call for one of our cruises.(Aside Note-when you leave the ship, THEN, we had to take our official Pass Ports, NOT just the Sea Pass card, to get back onto the ship-port authority, not ship rules). Most of our cruises have been on Voyager class ship (Mariner, Voyager, etc), and one has been on a Radience class ship just like Brilliance. We best described the ship as slightly more "elegant" in appearance (onboard) than the other class ship. No Royal Prominade (a big one I mean) but wth a smaller shopping venue. We really liked the class ship, and we will be doing 13 days on Brilliance this coming October for a repositioning cruise. San Juan was quite a nice port stop, but rather hilly for an old timer. Would have been a better departure port if you could get there for a day or so the slowly look around and spend time there.

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