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Default NCL Dawn Western Caribbean 1/6/13
This was our 7th cruise, third with NCL and by far the worst.

It was like eating at Perkin's every night in the dining room... loud, noisy kitchen and wait staff was very curt and rude. Venetian was too crowded together so that we could hear three conversations around us. On the third night, as we were leaving the Hostess asked if our dinner was good so we told
her the vegetables were cold and hard (uncooked peas/carrots and green beans) and the wait staff wouldn't give us an explanation of the special. She said she would have someone call us. Didn't happen. We went to Cagney's the next night and had a great dinner ($50 additional charge) and the head of
the restaurant made the rounds and asked about our cruise experience. we told her. She made a reservation for us in the Venetian in a quiet corner the next night and gave us a free bottle of wine. Why do you have to have a problem to get good service?? It wasn't this way before.

Shore excursions are not what they say. The Scootcoupe for $149 was supposed to go around the whole island of Cozumel, stop at a beautiful beach, and be 4 hours long. Our guide, Ramon, took us to the end of the main shopping street where it turned to dirt, did a U turn, and took us to a tiny beach for snorkeling, not swimming for 1/2 hour. Then he took us back to town to his friend's tequila factory, a few shops, and tried to get us to eat
at his friend's restaurant. total 2 1/2 hours. The answer from the shore excursion desk "Well, that's all there is to Cozumel" not true.

The weather can't be helped nor the rocky seas but it seemed to be a cruise for game show fanatics and bingo and sports bar fans. The best of the cruise: Greg London entertainer and Second City.

We will not cruise NCL again.
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