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pshoes ....... Your review of your recent cruise aboard the NCL Dawn sounds as though this cruise was not very much to your liking! You sound as though you ate in only two venues (the Venetian and Cagney's)! You are an experienced cruiser yet you make no mention of the many other dining venues aboard...most of which do not charge! You have complained about the kitchen noise in the Venetian and the crowding. You complained about cold veggies....did you not eat anything else???Did You not dine in any other Location??? Did You not dine at any other time?? The menus aboard always offer 4 standard offerings on one page and 4 Nightly specials on the other page.... all the options are well explained as to content and options...perhaps you left your reading glasses in your stateroom (I assume you can read). Your complaint was nicely addressed by the staff later on and you received a complimentary bottle of wine in the tradition of all fine restaurants to assuage your temperment over any sleight you might have received!

As an experienced cruiser you know full well that shore excursions are operated by vendors and not by the cruiseline...the proper method for achieving satisfaction through NCL would be to file an NCL comment card while onboard the ship via the Purser...Did you not learn this from your two previous NCL cruises??? As it is the amount you claim to have paid is $149 for the scoot coupe. The fee for the Coupe is $159/pp for 3.5 hours! Methinks You doth protest too much......the fact that this is your one and only posting on this website after 7 cruises suggests this to be a "Drive By" posting and should be treated as such by any reader!


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