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My opinion is the extra space in the cabin, bathroom and balcony of the mini-suites is well worth the extra money. However, if you are on a budget, the catagory BA and BB balcony cabins on Caribe Deck are very nice also; the balcony is almost as big and what you are missing, the bathtub, sitting area and second T.V. are nice but not essential.

I actually prefer the AD minis on Emerald Deck because the balconies are completely covered. The minis on Dolphin Deck are not covered. If you plan to sun on your balcony you want to be on Dolphin Deck; otherwise AD on Emerald Deck is just fine. If you do decide on Dolphin Deck you don't have to go with AA or AB; AC is just fine--the cabins and balconies are all the same; it's the location you are paying for in AA and AB. But AC is right near the lifts and stairs so there is really no need to pay the extra.