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Angry Seabourn Cruise Review
Seabourn is overrated and overpriced! They are owned by Carnival and are cutting costs in the wrong places. The food is not that great, the entertainment is mediocre, the all-inclusive wines are barely drinkable and the shore excursions are way over-priced. We went on a cruise during the holidays on the Sojourn and the lunches provided with their shore excursions were terrible. And, they did not even provide water during the excursions. Worse of all, I requested a special diet because I am severely allergic to gluten and they gave me pasta cooked in water with gluten. This made me very sick with intestinal bleeding for the rest of the cruise and I am still sick a week later. I wrote to Seabourn and all they offered was a small credit for a future cruise. So, if you have special dietary requirements, do not even think about going on Seabourn. We expected so much more and are very disappointed.
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