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In December I traveled with a friend on the Jewel of the Seas and she was denied entry into the Diamond lounge with me. The same friend traveled with me in December 2010 on the Monarch of the Seas and we had no problem enjoying the Diamond lounge. My experience is most of the time no one even checks your Set Sail pass. However; this December the Crown & Anchor host was standing right at the door. I believe it was because the Diamond lounge was so packed due to the December Diamond Celebration where everyone Diamond level and up gets double cruise points. I must say I was shocked and embarrassed when the host turned my friend away. When I told him she was in the same cabin with me he said it didn't matter. When I asked when they changed the policy he said it's always been that way. Then when I said my friend had come into the lounge with me on prior cruises he sort of back pedaled and said it was because of the December Diamond Celebration. Royal Caribbean need to make their policy clearer on use of the Diamond and Concierge lounges. I feel someone traveling in the same cabin should be allowed as long as they are with you.
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