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Hey everyone just wanted to give you an update, after doing some price comparisons I decided to cancel my currently booked cruise and rebook it with my local travel agency, seems I can get the same cruise price as well as save over $600 in airfare expense (NCL rountrip ticket price from JFK to Barcelona 1375.00, plus I live in West Virginia so I would need to catch a plane from here to JFK in order to begin my journey, so add another 180.00, same trip with my travel agency got me a roundtrip ticket and hotel room in Barcelona for only $836.00 and thats flying out from my local Airport, no need to pay extra just to get to JFK ......I called my NCL agent to cancel and he told me to just have my travel agency give him a call and he will tranfer my current package over to them without any changes or need to rebook...I call that great customer service...So now I will be arriving 1 day early in Barcelona with a overnight hotel stay and still come away with over $600 more in my pocket in savings....