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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Even most of the well-known cruise lawyers are saying 'get over it' and 'just take the offer Carnival is making'. They are smart enough to see this won't go far. The poor little darling who has filed already is 25 yrs old, and has no idea what a really bad situation can be. Reading the lawsuit, you'd think she was forced to tread water in a septic tank for 5 days while fishbait was tossed to her.
That is what one of the biggest tort lawyers said after the Splendor fire. He looked at what Carnival was offering the passengers and told them not to waist his time.

Secondly, if the Triumph is in as bad shape as some say with sewage spilling all over the place, why not take this opportunity to gut the ship and do the Funship 2.0 makeover that is scheduled next year.
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