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First off let me apologize for not coming in and posting sooner. I spent most of the weekend recouping and getting the house back in order. I also had gave my report through Dave so I thought that would give me some time.

I did read through the thread and a couple of points I want to make is that they have not sent any checks yet. I assume there will be a clause attached saying something to the effect of "cashing this check relieves Carnival from future litigation" or something to that nature. I am not a lawyer so I am not sure if that would even be applicable so who knows?

I am going to now post a writeup I did for my Facebook group. It comes from a journal I was keeping on the cruise. feel free to read through and ask any questions. I will be happy to answer them. Also realize that my experiences coul be vastly different than passegners on a low deck (Like Main or Riviera as their cabins would probably not have been inhabitable during do to the inability to open any windows to let fresh air in. We were fortunate to be on the Lido deck with a balcony, so we were very comfortably throughout the tow to Mobile.
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