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Tuesday - Conquest and Legend pulled alongside to drop supplies and stayed for a few hours. This allowed us to use their cellular systems to contact family (and I am sure to send many news updates and photos.)
We had entertainment- Trivia games, movies in the lounge, the show band performed as well as the singer, the piano bar entertainer played a sing along… it was fun.
We also got free beer and wine at the bars until 8PM. Most people were sensible about it, but there were a few that just had too much and I think the crew realized that free booze was a bad idea and they didn't do it again.
They got more toilets running- Most of the public toilets on deck 3 , 4 and 5 were working. Our cabin toilet seemed to work for an hour or so a day. So you would constantly check it for flushing. When someone on our floor would get a flush, the news spread fast. It was almost comical to hear a "VHHOOOMPPPSSSSHHH" followed by 10 others in fast succession.
It was also Tuesday that they managed to get 3 coffee machines working on Lido. So we had coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate if you didn't mind standing in line. Which for the most part you didn't since there wasn't much else to do.
The Tugboats arrived late in the day. We had drifted so far as to make it a better call to tow us to Mobile instead of Progresso. This was great news since it would have taken forever to get us home from Mexico. The big tug from Mobile hooked up quickly and looked fully capable of towing us by himself. The Mexican tug was too small. It tried to hook up to the front with the large tug but it seemed to be quickly realized that he was too small to do much good there. So they moved it to the aft of the ship and he was used as rudder to pull the back end of the ship in the correct direction as the wind kept wanting to turn the ship perpendicular to the course.
By now our room steward and begun having somewhat normal daily operations again. He would come in and clean our bathroom, remake the bed (there were no clean linens as most were being used on lido for sun shades.) He kept the hallway as clean as possible.
Much of the same happened on Wednesday except we got a USCG helicopter to deliver supplies. He made several trips. They had to clear off the tent city from the lido for fear of having one of the bed sheets break loose and get sucked up into the props of the helicopter. So many of the campers started the theory that Carnival had them clear off the sheets so the ship didn't look as bad. But since we started getting rain that night, they all mostly moved indoors anyway.
One of the things that the helicopter delivered was another generator. This made it possible for them to get the cooking equipment in the kitchen working which leads me to ---
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs and hot sausages… I never thought powdered eggs and minute links would taste so good. But it was not fruit or cereal… so I was IN!
Lunch -Grilled shrimp / lobster , beef and chicken plus the assorted salads and desserts.
Dinner Lobster and steak . Also had chicken…
We were supposed to dock by 4PM but the wind had shifted overnight to a headwind which slowed us down. Jen came on and told us the bad news that we were not going to dock until 11 or 12PM. Then shortly after that announcement, the towing bell of the big tug broke free and the entire tow cable nearly snapped . I was watching at the time. It was scary. So he disconnected and the biggest of the 4 other tugs became the towing tug. It seemed we actually moved faster.
Customs boarded the ship and cleared everyone on board so we could just get off the ship once we docked.
We were off the ship nearly first. We got a note in our cabin saying that Platinum members would still get priority disembarkation. We were supposed to meet in the dining room after customs clearance but that was when were supposed to be docking at 4PM. So instead we waited until we were in process of docking before we went down. Once in the lobby they checked us to be sure we were VIP and showed us to the lounge to wait. But we could not get through a huge group of 200+ Coke/McDonald employees waiting to get off. So we stood with them and once the opened the gangway, we walked off the ship with them. I think we were within the first 10 people off the ship.
We rushed through the terminal as Coke provided drinks and McDonalds provided food bags.. Went right outside and boarded a bus to Galveston. We were off the ship and on our way by 11PM. We made Galveston by 7PM and we got to our vehicle soon after. Then another 5 hour drive home.
I'm still checking the toilet to make sure it flushes before using it…
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