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Well there were apparently some people that went to their muster stations as the crew was fighting the fire. They had to make several announcements for them to go back to their cabins. "The ship is safe, please DO NOT got to your muster stations, if you have gone to your muster station, please return to your cabin or to any public space." I don't think they listened though. I imagine that after the Coasta Concordia, there are those that are not going to trust the crew to tell them when they should be at their muster station. Although, there won't be any crew to man a lifeboat so I don't know what the point would be to be there. Other than that I didn't see any panic. I tried to go back to sleep after the first Alpha team call but that plan was shot in the head by the rapid succession of other announcements...

Dave, I was talking with someone after the fire (maybe it was Monday or Tuesday) who had been talking with a crew member that claimed that a fuel line had broke. I was dubious until I saw the USCG report. But that would definitely cause a problem. I bet they change the flexi fuel lines to rigid ones
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