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Talking Gluten/dairy free
Hello all, just returned from an 8 day from NYC to Bahamas on the Miracle. I want to report on my dining experience.

A few weeks before sailing I called Carnival to tell them about my dietary restrictions. Customer service rep was polite and helpful, telling me not to worry at all, just to tell guest services soon after boarding about my dietary needs and that's what I did. Again, they were gracious and polite and told me not to worry at all, just to be sure to inform the hostess at dinner.

Our hostess was amazing. Once she and our wait staff knew my restrictions they went out of their way every day and every meal to make sure I was well fed with food that was safe. After each dinner, our hostess Ilona came to our table with the different menus for the next day so I could make my selections. She even made sure I had a gluten free and dairy free chocolate melting cake each night! I got all weepy, because I really thought I would never have one again. (It was superb.)

At the buffet, the hostess there always made sure she told me what was safe, although not much was safe except the salad bar. But the chef would send out a delicious fried fish or broiled chicken for me if I wanted. He even made me a raspberry mousse that was so delicious I just couldn't believe it. One night I asked our hostess if the french fries at the buffet were safe and she said no, but the next day at brunch in the dining room, there were french fries made especially for me!

The best part was that I was not sick even once. I had been so worried but there was no need to be. It was an excellent experience and wanted to share it with you.

Mary Ann
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