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How it worked last October for me with OPC was I re-registered my details. They sent this:

Hi Dwayne,
Thanks for contacting the Ocean Players Club!

We're glad to hear you're sailing again! We have placed you on our OPC guest list for your upcoming sailing. Hope you have a great cruise, and the best of luck while spending time in the Casino!

Best Regards,
Ocean Players Club

There was a letter in my cabin to come meet the host during a certain time for a free drink. He knew I was on the list. He was a good host and we chatted all week. The last day he asked if I wanted hats or t-shirts. I already have a bunch of t-shirts so I took the new hats. I had a crappy hostess year before last, I won't mention any names though. They say membership is automatic now, and I don't see the place to enter your sailing information now either. I wonder if they are doing away with the guest list. I'll call Monday and find out the new deal so to speak. I'll get the casino host's email for the Victory for you while I'm at it. That is if the number and extension I have still works.