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Default Friend's First Cruise, Etc.
Hi everyone.

Well, I think the Alaska cruise is going to fall through if my friend is able to join me. However, he (my friend) is interested in doing a shorter Bahamas / Caribbean cruise. However, here's the thing, although I think I know the answer to this. He does not have a valid passport, but does have a driver's license and certified copy of a birth certificate. Regardless of what we do, we would start and end from the same US port, so I'm hoping those ID's are okay for travel to the Bahamas or the Caribbean. I did check the FAQ section as well, which is how I'm ending up at this assumption. Can I assume this is correct, or does he need a passport? I'm trying to convince him to get a passport, and it's worth the money, and far less of a hassle.

If we decide on anything, I'll post in the appropriate thread, regarding questions on excursions, etc.
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