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The only movie I saw that was up for Best Picture was "Les Mis," or "Les Miserables." Lisa, you aren't the only one that didn't like / has no interest in seeing the Broadway show. A friend of mine saw the movie, and thought it was just okay, and some of her friends thought the same way as well. I was just the opposite, along with another friend of mine. That was one of my family's favorite shows when it was on Broadway, and supposedly, they're planning a revival for 2014, now that they made a movie of it.

After my friend and I saw the movie, she was sorry she never saw the Broadway version, but we did find the Broadway tour close to us at a price we could afford, so we did that.

Dave, I guess it depends on where you are on how the movie theatres are. Yes, they are overpriced. I must be in the market (Central NJ, New York) where the theatres aren't that bad. The seats are cloth seats, stadium seating, and restrooms are surprisingly not bad, considering. Even still, there's not much out right now that I want to see. My friend and I try to wait a couple weeks so I can use a "Super Saver" pass that I buy through AAA.
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