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Default Where are all the free food and drinks?
After reading David Foster Wallaceís essay on cruising on Celebrity Cruises, ďA Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do AgainĒ I was not put off on the idea of cruising. The only compliant Wallace could come up with was the service was too impeccable and that made him suspicious. I decided he was just a whiner. I had that impression that one gets all the gourmet food they can eat and all they can drink for free. I was really shocked to find that Royal Caribbean wants to charge 54 dollars a day for all you can drink or something like that. I am thinking who drinks 50 dollarsí worth of alcohol a day? How can this be a savings? Do they charge 20 dollars for a single drink? What is the point of going on a cruise if all those alcohol calories and food calories are going to make one fat? I am sounding like David Foster Wallace by whining. I guess I could cope with the idea of paying for drinks, but you canít get free bottled water. I donít drink tap water. I was thinking about how much it would cost me to keep myself in healthy bottled water on the cruise, but I donít know what they charge for bottled water. I am now leaning more toward Norway (the less sick sea ship) or Celebrity as nothing seems to be wrong with them. But, the essay was written in the 90s. Things could have changed a lot since then. I assume now that even Celebrity does not let you have all the free food you eat and all you can drink. I am torn between wanting all the free stuff I can get and the desire to not pig out. I had imaged Celebrity costs a great deal more than Royal Caribbean, but I did not see that. The prices looked the same. I was moved by the story of the amazingly devoted waiter in the essay. How much of this is real? Did Celebrity have an idea that David Foster Wallace was a famous writer who would review them and assign him to the this particular table? Wallace was supposed to be undercover.
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