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Default You can read the essay on cruises here
You can buy just the cruise part of the book here on amazon on the kindle for just 1.99, and sometimes you can copied and pasted text of the article as it appeared in a magazine, but I don't know the links to find it for free. I just got it on the amazon kindle, but don't buy the whole book for 8.99 just buy the article of cruises for 1.99.

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: An Essay (Digital Original): David Foster Wallace: Kindle Store

and it is also an audio book on audiable, but that cost a bit more as it is the whole book.

He wrote about having rich food delivery to his cabin as much as he wanted, it seemed to be all unlimited and free. But it was not a powder puff piece of journalism. In fact he is highly critical of another writer who wrote a piece overly praising which he considered to be phony. But, to someone who never cruised you get the impression all the food is unlimited and free when you read the article.
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