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Smile B2B on the Imagiantion
You read it right...7 days of fun in old familiar ports (Key West, Cozumel, Nassau) aboard the ever glitzy Carnival Imagination!! Sailing the 4 day and the 3 day itineraries back to back gave us plenty of time to redevelop a feel for this fine and venerable ship!!
Sailing upon a Fantasy Class ship is a chance to reexperience the true essence of cruise styles now passing from the cruise scene. As newer and far larger ships takeover the market it was a wonderful to return to a smaller and far cozier ship! Settling into a humble and simpler porthole cabin ;the memories of many older and long past cruises came to mind!!
The Imagination is in wonderful shape, the Officers, the Staff and the Crew are all top notch and worked hard to keep the diverse passengers happy.....needless to say the group on the Mon-Fri cruise was vastly different from the Fri-Mon Gang) Yet, all groups, all ages intermingled quite well. The cuisine (Love those all-you-can-eat Lobster Nights) was fine in any of the dining rooms and the well laid out (but always busy) buffet. We took the My Time Dining Option and had never had to wait more than 4 minutes to be seated. Meals in the Dining Room were always served timely and warm...after 7 days We managed to get friendly with a large number of the Dining Room Personnel!!
Shows ranged from Very Good to Spectacular with one ..."Shout"... being of Broadway Quality! (We had just been to a Broadway Show in January)...The professionalism on stage was every bit as good as and as exciting!!
WE definitely had a phenomenal time aboard an older and smaller ship.....We must have loved it as We are now booked to do another Fantasy Class cruise on the West Coast next February aboard the Inspiration...right after We disembark(from the Carnival Miracle) from Our Hawaiian Cruise in Long Beach!

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