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Originally Posted by LisaP View Post
We have a beautiful new multiplex near us -- it's spotless, has very comfortable seats that recline without disturbing the person behind you, and has fantastic sound quality. The regular ticket price is (gasp!) $12, but the first couple of showings of the day, generally before noon, are only $6. I don't go to the movies often, so I make sure it's a good one when I do.
Pleased to know that there are some good places to see movies
comfortable seats & fantasic sound quality makes a big difference
Wouldn't want to pay $12 in the grotty cinemas mentioned by Dave ( earlier post )
Wouldn't pay $12 to watch " movie 43 " even in a luxury multiplex as it has aleady been named as one of the the worst films ever but you never know there's still time for an even worse film to arrive.

Just found out that Skyfall & Argo are being shown on the Ruby Princess on MUTS.
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