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LisaP...Thank You for the invite......Summers are spent on Long Island Sound where I have a Place or on Cape Cod where my SO (Karen) has a place!! Our cruise season begins with the end of Hurricane Season and ends in early June. Karen has done the Baltic within the past 4 years...Our extended plans have The fjords up into and above the Arctic Circle in May 2016(Bucket List Item). I am projecting MSC will be heading that way at that time...some of their ships are truly elegant. Mar 2014 We shall try MSC aboard the Divina in the Carib for the first time(We want to go rafting down the Martha Brae)(with a stop in Hell to boot) promises to be a most Italian experience! All in preparation for the winter season in the Meditteranean!! (There is a plethora of islands worth visiting)!!

Karen and I maintain a backlog of 2 years of future cruises at any point in time, the return from a cruise always results in booking another!!! It seems to help control the cruise addiction!


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