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Question Carnival Changes
We were on the Liberty last week and noticed changes that were not all for the good but some were. I do not mean for this to sound like a review but wondering if these changes are on all Carnival ships or just the Liberty. First thing I noticed was they have done away with the Calypso band and replaced with a DJ. Part of the fun was the men in their colorful Caribbean shirts and listening to the steel drums. I was so disappointed. Also They had a limited number of souvenir glasses. Not that I need anymore. Just an observation. They had the blowfish, coconut monkey and smokestack but they did not have the tulip glasses. They used them but not souvenirs.

They did away with the sushi bar and replaced with the Taste bar which was a plus for me as I do not like sushi. We enjoyed this in the evening before dinner but it was only available 4 nights of the 7 night cruise.

We have done 9 cruises now and this was the first time that there was not entertainment in the showroom every night. Only 4 or 5 nights. The comedy show is in its own room called the Punchliners club but again only 4 nights. 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end. Many people said they felt the comedy should be in the showroom and I agree. The room gets packed and the shows which run (7:45, 9:45, 10:45 and 11:45 last 30 min. People will stay and wait till the next show so only about 20% actually leave making it hard for the ones who arrive to find seats. It left a couple nights with no shows and the shows they did have were the worst I have seen. Looked more like a high school production. We were very disappointed. I always enjoy the Legends show on the last night but this one was really pathetic!

We were actually trying to reach Platinum status but now with the Faster to Fun pass there is not much incentive to do this. For $50.00 per cabin you can check in early, board early, get off early, the same as Platinum.

The buffet was a real let down. Breakfast was just OK but they now close at 2:30pm and choices were very limited. If you came back from port after this time your choices are pizza, burgers and fries or the deli. No more midnight buffet. Guess they do a snack buffet but someone said it is basically hot dogs. This must be Carnival's way of cutting back on costs. I have sailed Carnival 5 times but we are scheduled to cruise NCLs Breakaway next month from London to NY. I am seriously thinking that we may not be sailing Carnival for awhile. My children have only sailed Carnival and feel like they are always on the same ship so they want a different cruise line next time.

Have any of you noticed these same changes on other Carnival ships?

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