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We just got off the Conquest today and noticed the changes you are speaking of. As for the comedy club, everyone must leave the show they are in and get back in line to attend the next one for the sake of fairness for those arriving to the other shows. They stuck by that and made sure everyone leave (at least on the Conquest). I agree the shows were more like high school productions also and very disappointed about the buffet lines closing so early in the afternoon and in the evening as well. We booked the Dream for October and hope that it will get better. They need to step it up in light of everything that is happening in order to attract new guests and keep the old one's coming back! All in all though, we did have a great time on the Conquest. We sailed on her back in November 2011 and did not like it because the crew were down right rude. We said we'd never sail on her again, but long story short because of other circumstances we did and we had a great time. Crew was wonderful!
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