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Originally Posted by Jim C. View Post
Nope.. I was on "that" cruise. I still had fun. Remember.. we were on our return trip, so we had 3 of 4 days of our cruise and had gotten to visit Cozumel before anything happened. Then we got an extended vacation (yes I am sure there are many people who had a bad time but we weren't one of them)

Then we got the cruise for free AND another one (booked already on the Magic) plus all our expenses paid. I can't complain. It certainly won't go down in my books as a great cruise, but if you consider the adventure part of it, it wasn't bad. Think of it as combining a cruise and a camping trip into one vacation...then not having to pay for any of it.
LOL!! You must be retired! I guess the media always make things sound worse than what they really are, but I still would not have wanted to be on the cruise from hell as they called it, plus $500 wouldn't be enough to cover the extra time off work. Glad you enjoyed it though because it is great to get a free cruise out of the deal!
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