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For me, it would have been a repeat of a cruise we took on Conquest in November of 2011. The staff were very rude to the point of making our trip miserable. We sailed on her again last week and it was the total opposite with a great crew who went overboard to make our trip very enjoyable. Had we sailed on her again and it had been a repeat of 2011, I would have switched to a different line. A few mechanical problems would not cause me to switch as this could happen to any line and I believe the way in which Carnival handled those situations were about as good as any of them would have been. I don't believe $500 compensation was enough for missed time off from work, but other than that, it was equitable. I will say that the only other line I have cruised on is NCL and I did like them better than Carnival, but not for the price difference. So for that reason, we stick with Carnival. Can't wait to sail on the Dream in October!
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