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Originally Posted by Jim C. View Post
Well, I'm not retired. But I do have plenty of vacation and comp time to make up the difference for the lost work. So that didn't bother me. However, it was an issue for the wife and daughter who ended up missing 4 days of school...

One persons cruise from hell is another persons "could have been worse, the ship could have sank...." Its all perspective. the biggest whiners were the teenagers who couldn't use there iPhones because they ran out of power... You would have thought the "charging stations" that were set up were handing out gold... They had assigned duties of watcher of the phones and keeper of the power strip....
You are absolutely right that it could have been worse. Everyone should be thankful that it didn't sink, nor did they have to get on the rescue boats. Everyone is just out to get what they can from any bad situation. You know how it gets bottle necked and very crowded during the time when self checkers are leaving the ship, well when we were leaving the Conquest on Sunday there was a lady filming everyone in line and while she was filming it she was saying "this is a fire hazard", etc., etc. and that she is gong to turn it into the media, etc., etc. I wanted to say "lady, I am sure it is due to the fact that there are a lot of folks down here whose floor has not been called". Whatever, like I said, anything to try and get something for nothing!!
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