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Hi davephillyJ, I'm sure, if you move around in the various threads and topics, you will get so much info you will be prepared when you do decide to cruise. My daughter and fiance just got back from a cruise; they may be a little older, but traveled with 8 teens and with a group of nearly 27 total. Like Dave said, you can go to the main dining room and get in and out fast. One nice thing about the dining room for breakfast - dinner is that you go in and sit and don't have to go thru the buffet line to get your food. If this is your first cruise, you may also want to consider a shorter duration to see how you like it. You can also get adjoining rooms on some of the ships as opposed to a cabin that accomodates the entire family. Many options depending on the ages of the children. Don't necessarily rule out other cruise lines without checking them for prices. If you are traveling during school break times, some of the lines cater to the families more than others and some can be very busy, nosier than others. Check out all there is on the Cruise Forum and you will learn lots of great tips. Enjoy...


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