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Wink Good points except...
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The cruise ships don't weigh luggage, but the airlines do. The ships have skates guests can use, but note the ice rinks on Royal Caribbean ships are only open a few times on a cruise, and it is a very small rink.

Now, about the reviews you read here....I personally approve all reviews and do not base the approval on whether the person liked their cruise or if they only had a lot of bad things to say. People seem more likely to submit a review if they have an ax to grind than if they loved their cruise. Human nature, to be negative. It is often in reality one or two little nits that happened and the reviewer feels the need to make it into a big deal. Read the reviews with a little bit of jaundiced eye.

Specific complaints we often see about any cruise ship sailing from San Juan...."there were too many Puerto Ricans onboard", "too many people speaking Spanish", "all the passengers stayed up late partying and kept me awake". Each of those is a 'duh' comment, usually made by people who think the whole world needs to do things 'the American way'.

Don't bring water from home on the airplane. If you insist on bottled water (and I agree with susanmaz on the quality of the ship's water), just buy it on the way to the ship. And by the way, when cruising from a port you have to fly to it is always wise to get there a day early and spend the night in a hotel, then board the ship the next day.

Bottled water needs to be carried aboard in your carry-on luggage, and the cruise lines do have general rules as to the amount they allow. Generally this is a pack of 12 or so bottles per guest.
I am booked for my first cruise in 237 more days. I subscribe to several travel and cruise forums by way of helping me plan. I have come to the conclusion that absolutely everything you buy onboard ship will come at great expense. You pay up front or at the door for it all and then they will want more by way of gratuities. And if you squawk about the gratuities you will instantly get labeled a miscontent and flamed by countless people in endless pages. Now my point as mentioned in the header, EXCEPT. I am a 2 time survivor of throat and tongue cancer and have very few salivary glands. I need constant hydration to help me especially while eating. I have been reading for months about what previous cruisers have done regards bringing water and soda onboard ship. Some say yay and some say nay. I decided to call Royal Caribbean and get it straight from the top. I did this last week. I can't speak for other cruise lines, but Royal told me that other than the 2 bottles of wine per stateroom the only legal beverage you can bring aboard is an open one that you may be carrying as you board. Everything else regardless of what you have heard is illegal and subject to confiscation. I then said that I could get a Doctors letter if required rather than risk it. I was told that Royal would check on that and call me back. I am still waiting for that to happen. This no big deal for me as I plan on taking my own along with my doctors prescription anyway. If my water is taken I will cancel my cruise on the spot and take legal action against Royal. I fully expect to be flamed by lots of folks, but I for one have a pretty thick skin. Travel well.
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