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Angry on board account
we are booked on NCl for a 7 day cruise in Dec. we have prepaid our tips, we do not book excursions from the ship, and are non drinkers. We have always put up a few hundred dollars deposit on our Carnival sign and sail card so I figured it would be the same with NCL. I researched the deposit for NCL sign and sail and they say it is required 100 dollars per person per day.
I called them to make sure this is what they want. the lady told me yes, 100 per person per day....required. I told her I didnt think I needed to put that much cash on deposit, we wont need that amount of money on the ship. She then said I could negotiate the amount once we arrived at the cruise port in NO. I told her that I didnt want to have to negotiate, I preferred knowing how much I need before I arrive, she then said that she thought I may need to go ahead and cancel my trip. They would not give me an amount that would be acceptable. It was 100 dollars required per person per day.
Is this true? Was she telling the truth, 1400 deposit for 2 people for 7 days? Do I need to cancel.
We have always cruised on Carnival. 19 of them. WE just wanted to see what the other lines are like.

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