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Default costa atlantica in august 2013
I was looking at cruises for August in the far east and saw that Costa have 2 ships
Costa Victoria & Costa Atlantica

Looking in more detail for cruises with the Atlantica I see a short one for 9th august
also cruises on 13th,18th & 23rd august
When I go onto the Costa Cruise website both for the UK & USA all they show are 2 cruises
the one on the 18th has a red line across it and there is a cruise on the 23rd.

It puzzles me that the Costa site doesn't show the cruises on the 9th & 13th even if they are full. Also seems to show no cruise at the start of one sold out ?

Anyone got any idea why these cruises don't appear not only on the Costa site but also some cruise specialists don't appear to have them listed ?
As Atlantica can take over 2000 passengers can she really be completely full this early for these cruises in august ?
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