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macmom 111....I agree with the others that the size of the cash deposit seems excessive......yet I assure you that cruise costs will be similar to Carnival, in some cases higher and in others lower. Your Final bill is likely to be similar to those you have incurred in the past. Since you seem to have a credit card this may be much ado about nothing since, as an experienced cruiser, you already know that you can deposit cash funds to your on board account at any time during the cruise at the purser's (guest services) desk....and disembark leaving no credit balance since you will have already paid it down during the cruise. Use of the credit card in your case will be to merely assure the cruiseline of Your financial responsibility.Do not let your credit card fears get the better of you.......NCL is much the same in costs as other main stream cruiselines...provided you follow the spending plan you have outlined for us earlier in this thread!!

Bon Voyage,
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