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Default Did I choose the wrong cabin?
Did we choose the wrong cabin? We knew we wanted a balcony on our Oosterdam Alaskan cruise. We picked the cabin location we thought we might like, and that happened to be VC. But I'm watching prices on other cruises between now and our departure date. And VC is the one category that HAL is slashing the price on. Anyone know why? Is VC actually the initials for a disease, or is that where they mount the fog horn? Or maybe the cleanout plug for the ship's entire sewage system is in VC? I digress. Anyway, here is a sample of pricing:

VA 1,799
VB 1,699
VC 949
VD 1,499
VE 1,399
VF 1,299
VH 849

Should I scramble for an upgrade?
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