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Cruise date is 6/23/13. Not sure what you mean, BillyBuzz, about a credit. I'm not looking for compensation for anything. Just the way the pricing works out is odd, since earlier the VC cabins were priced right under the VB and higher than VD. But the closer you get to cruise date, the lower VC goes. That's why I wondered if there is a reason people aren't booking VC. Here is a fuller look at today's pricing:
----Jun 16---Jun 9--Jun 2--May 26--May 19--May 12---May 5
VC --1199---949---999--- -999----899-----899------999

As Dave says, the VC cabins are probably just fine. This becomes more of a curiosity that anything.
Does canoeing down the Stillwater River in Ohio count as a cruise?
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