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Originally Posted by wooddon View Post
Our travel agent has inform us that she will never book us on any Carnival cruises due to our age. We have gone on lots of cruises, but not this line. She says its nothning but a fun ship which we have heard is true from all of our friends that have gone on Carnival. If you like to have lots of fun, then this is your cruise line. We can't say anything as we have never gone on this line or never will..

I am in my mid 50's and my husband is in his 80's. We love Carnival and will not cruise with another cruise line. If you always listen to someone you will never get a chance to really explore and experience what is out there. Yes, there are times where some of the guests can get out of line, but isn't that any where? If the people in the cabin would get too loud out or out of control, I would contact guest services and let them handle it. I have enjoyed Carnival and won't switch at all. I hope you get a chance to experience at least one of the Carnival cruises so you can at least determine if you want to continue to cruise with them or not.

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