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Woodon... please do those of us who enjoy Carnival a favor(and yes I have tried other cruise lines) Please take the advise you are being given and NEVER sail on Carnival. Why would anyone want to be on something that is "nothing but a fun ship' Good gracious... no! Why would you want to have any fun on vacation.

You obviously have your mind made up that you wouldn't fit in and enjoy yourselves so you would most likely make that a self fulfilling result. Then you would turn around and complain to everyone that you "should have listened and not sailed on Carnival"

I do not see Carnival cruisers going around telling everyone who enjoy RCCL or HAL or Princess to never sail on them, but yet I see a bunch of people who have NEVER sailed on Carnival telling people exactly that based on opinions of others. it amazes me. I firmly believe a cruise is what you make it. if you get on a cruise expecting to find problems... you will.
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