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I have been reading the posts regarding the redemption of points? What exactly are the points spoken of and how does one get them?
They are Fun Points, formerly known as Sea Miles, and something else before that. It is Carnival's Rewards program through their affiliation with Barclay Bank's credit card.

Look Here for more details.

It has been a sore spot for me concerning them until recently. I've spent nearly 15 years accumulating points and had never used any of them. Mainly, because prior to this new program you had to book through their designated agent to use them. The rates they had were higher than the rates I qualified for without using any points. So they were basically useless to me.

Now with this new program I can book with who I want and with what rate is best for me and use the points for credit card balance credit, on board gifts, and OBC's. I recently used some of my points for an on board credit of $200 on my upcoming cruise.

I get double points for Carnival purchases, so I charge my cruise deposit and payments to the card and then pay it to accumulate points. I also use it to secure my Sail & Sign account and then pay it after. I got carried away with that once though. Hence why I keep my casino playing money separate now. Hey, they shouldn't have given me a $10,000 credit limit!

I am not thrilled with Barclay's interest rates either. So I make sure now to have the funds to pay it when the the bill comes.