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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Here is a hint for using the paper tags: print out the number you will need and cut and fold them into the correct shape. Then get some clear packing tape and laminate the tags on both sides. Punch a hole on each end and get some tie wraps. Pack these in your carry on luggage. When you get to the hotel the night before your cruise, put those tags on your checked luggage and secure with the tie wraps.
Good is another suggestion but you'll have to pay for these.

There is a company that provides a solution to this problem of paper tags coming off your cases. provide luggage tags for printouts. They say..

"Our Cruise Luggage Tag Holders go the distance with no need to reinforce or laminate your luggage tags. The grommet at the top makes them even sturdier and longer lasting.
Includes a 6 1/2" vinyl loop for attaching to the luggage handle.
Just print, fold the tag according to the instructions, put in our holder, attach to your luggage handles and then relax. Perfect for worry-free transportation.:
Cruise Luggage Tag Holder (for printed luggage tags)

Take a look at their site does seem to offer a solution and if you scroll down a touch they have a step by step guide video that takes about 2 minutes to watch.
I see they also ship internationally so if I wanted some I could get them sent to the UK.

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